Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MReview | Our Favourite : Quiero Club

 They are part of The Pigmy Deer Network Talent Stock, as honorable members , and right now, the Mexican Band every review is thrilled to talk about....I can´t explain why this talented people deserve to appear so much in our magazine. But the truth is, they represent the mexican creativity in all its way. Their music,rythm,lyrics. Those girls, the boys..the way they sound together live. The whole creative project that structure the whole QuieroClub idea: HappyFi. The underground projects:Miss Mars Clothing, under a simple but smart slogan:Retro Clothing for Future Minds. I can continue, and you can read over and over my review or others, and still, if you haven´t heard them, you won´t understand. So, MReview - them-yourself. They are simply , one of the bests bands in Latin America.

 " The funky-hipsters mexicanos we all love are back with their sophomore album, Nueva America, which was released earlier this fall.  If you know anything about Quiero Club (...)"(you should) " So if you were a fan before, expect to NOT be disappointed.  For those who weren’t, the album does have its differences: they have pushed their music a little further by adding more electro-pop to their upbeat songs, and more new-age/experimental to their mellow ones.  They have a couple of videos out for their new album, the latest being Minutos de Aire" LAREMEZCLA