Friday, December 11, 2009

Open City: Designing Coexistence.

{" Cities are full of obstacles. 
They are expensive, unhealthy, and dangerous; they are not easily accessible for disabled people, the elderly, or children; they are congested, anonymous, and hectic. Probably all city dwellers share these and    other obstructions to daily urban life."  Tim Rieniets


The theme of the 4th International Architectural Biennale Rotterdam is Open City: Designing Coexistence. How and what can architects and urbanistst contribute to the way we live in cities? What is the Open City? How do people work, think, dream and act there? And why is it urgent to re-imagine the Open City? These are just some of the questions that will confront the visitor to Open City: Designing Coexistence.

Six sub-themes
The curators of the 4th IABR have identified six situations in which geographical, spatial, typological, and socio-cultural conditions reveal different qualities and potentials of Open City. Each of these situations will be explored through research and actual projects, and presented as a sub-theme of the Biennale.

1Maakbaarheid (“Makeability”) / 2Refuge/ 3Reciprocity/ 4Community / 5Squat / 6Collective ]

Other subjects related to the Open City such as Connectivity, Fear, MigrationAccess, and Source, about Jane Jacobs and the origins of the Open City concept.

Other exhibitions of the 4th IABR are Parallel Cases//IABR@RDM at RDM Campus and The Free State of Amsterdam (Vrijstaat Amsterdam) in Amsterdam.