Las Bellas LAS BELLAS ARTES ORG. rtes Org. 
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Javo Onofre // musician/producer/composer , audio engineer graduate from SAE Institute Barcelona and member of the Professional Recording Association of London has a recording studio based in Monterrey MX, along his musical projects, has worked producing from pop, rock, reggae to rumba, heartful melomaniac

Guso Macedo Pérez // Social Psychologist aimed at museology. Older than I look. Currently working at a museum located in a century old neoclassical palace, which I usually attend wearing Converse. My office's computer continuously plays indie music trough iTunes' album shuffle, as I am also a thirtysomething rocker. I've never been able to solve Rubik's Cube, but I make people know museums are cool.
Rock Manatí

FLAII // I'm half Mayan, quarter Mexican-Spanish, quarter Mexican-Italian. Got the green eyes, the big boobs and the witty mind. I like almost everything I understand. I studied communication sciences but decided to be internet-er and photographer on my spare time.
I am pop and have this talent to recognize which songs are going to be great hits. I love and feel inspired by women on a daily basis. I love photographing, reading and meeting them. I consider myself not to be deep, but I'm far from being shallow (If I were a millionaire I would definitely justify my shallowness).  Each day I'm learning to love myself and others for who we really are and not for who I want them (or me) to be.

Santiago Orozco // Santiago fell in love with a typeface at 11 years old, unconsciously loved design since then and just after finishing his studies start running his own Web design agency.
Also is host of a Web Design podcast and on his free time design typefaces. Music et Typefaces are his life.

Cynthia Rodríguez. Bachelor in Arts from Universidad de Monterrey. Has always been in love with words, mostly with producing them. She is deeply involved in both fiction and non-fiction, being published on various anthologies at her alma mater. Her reviews of arts and music have been included on CONARTE’S Horno Cuatro, the Spanish e-zine Neu Epoch, and as exhibition texts for local artists such as Laiza Onofre and Tahnee Florencia Ruelas. She currently collaborates with 9musasmty, several upcoming zines, and this online magazine; all while working on her first fiction novel.

Miguel Melgarejo is an emerging mexican designer, that generates value through analysing and designing products, services and situations from daily life. His work has being published and exhibited in several countries around the world, he has come to establish himself as an industrial designer with true interest for current issues and society, which is observed through positive critics from expert designers and bloggers about his work.

Founder also of Toctoc, a community of creative people in Monterrey, México, which has the main goal of creating a place where ideas, projects and networks meet and share for the pure pleasure of creation.
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Karina Estrada/ Editor in chief of Guía Monterrey La Tempestad, a monthly publication that portrays the artistic and cultural life of the city, covering the most important events of each of the seven arts (Visual Arts, Scenic arts, Music, Literature, Design, Architecture and Film). Freelance copywriter and former creative for two and a half years at the advertising agency RT&A Creative Mraketing, working for labels such as Universidad Tec Milenio, Applebee’s, Ternium, Casas Javer, Ciudad de los Niños, Comex, and Hemsa, to mention a few. Contributer fashion writer for Bodas & Tradición Magazine and illustrator for La Nave Magazine. Insatiable fashion blogger at Your Mother Should Know.

Adriano Occhibelli, lives and studies Architecture in Rome, Italy. Is fluently speaking English, and is learning Spanish at Cervantes Institute (2nd year).
Loves to trip, learn from new cultures and discover new things. Like all Italians, loves to cook and to eat well, but often try new cuisines around the world.Is naturally inspired by all vintage culture and revival styles in fashion and attitude, especially the 80's (music, styles, movies) . Loves the cinema, the movies culture and sub-culture, the 80's movies and the sequels (trilogies). Loves the mexican culture, the mexican movies, the mexican holidays, the mexican history, the mexican cuisine, the mexican art, the mexican architecture (Ten Arquitectos, Barragan), the mexican traditional and modern music and the mexico as a modern country. Collaborates with Caffè dei Pittori , a brand new ART cafè in Flaminio area of Rome also managing their Facebook group.

Gabi Fuentes / Illustrator, doll maker and tshirts designer
(Sin Tantos Modales. tshirts), graduated in arts. 
Mint-chocolate, beans, and Alice in Wonderland lover.
 One of the First Members of The Pigmy Deer Network 
and  Expositor at the First Art.Stock Show.

Maja Luján/ Marketing student enrolled in the competition for the design and development of a vehicle for third aged people in Mexico 2020 for Alfa Romeo, who has worked in marketing research for Mexican enterprises involved in production of cloth and garments “en cuir”.

She is working now as trendseeker for a friend´s leather company. Nowadays, she courses a propedeutic haute couture course in order to continue her second career in Istituto Marangoni. Her future personal project is about the combination of multidisciplinary paraphernalia such as art, arquitecture and susteintability applied in fashion design.
Daniela Monterrosa M. ARTchitect/ Step to step, line behind line and eye by eye. If it´s come out from me I let oneself go the architect by the UNAB of the gray Santiago of Chile, delete my Master Degree on design and public space in Elisava of the stunning Barcelona, throw it out my photo camera, break my drawing pencils, and burn my books. Foots, hands and attention, my formula of the creativity.
Cheryl Santos / Easy girl lets fashion feel her up. A graphic design graduate finds comfort writing about fashion. Originally from Monterrey, currently living in México city. Her efforts revolve around how trends create themselves and the way the human hand changes them at its convenience. Stubborn yet pretty, she will lead you through her daily effort to understand the interaction between clothes and people.
Yeraldo // Te diré lo que no soy. Yo ya no soy yo, pierdo la mirada en el espejo y sé que no soy quien se refleja, soy algo más. Tengo un gran corazón y soy un instante; Podría ser una decisión sin embargo dependo de la energía y del enfoque que cobre en el día o en la noche y desde la perspectiva en la que mire.
No soy un adjetivo calificativo, no soy una pasión, no soy una virtud, no soy un defecto, no soy una contradicción, no soy una elección. ¡Soy algo más! Algo más que una descripción o una palabra.
Soy un ser humano, existo y soy indescriptible, al igual que tu lo eres.