Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Roca Brothers

If they were rock stars, their name would be “The Roca Brothers”
Spanish chefs known as “Los Hermanos Roca” of the catalan restaurant “El Celler de Can Roca”
Joan, Josep and Jordi. The first one, is the mind salty. The second, liquid mind. The third, the sugar mind.
The gastronomic sense is a family heritage. Their mother has already mentioned in the spanish newsletter “El Pais” as “Mother of three stars”.
She is the part of cooking with love, discipline, and in a meticulous way, despite doing from a humble family food restaurant.

The Roca brothers have been awarded with three stars from the Michelin Guide and its gourmet acquis, has gems like:
-The adaptation of the Calvin Klein perfume Eternity.
-Cherry Soup with shrimp and ice cream of its bone.
-Cigala smoke Curry.
-Mussels Riesling.
-Dry Gambini.

They have brought the world of gastronomy techniques like:

-The perfumecocción: Exact cooking of crustaceans with a slight fragance.
-The fragrance: Food odor. Capturing the volatile soul of a perfume.
-The chromaticism: Monochrome plates. Each color evokes a mood and the elements to make the dish called agreed in the evocation of this state.
-Distillates: The concept is to eat dirt, eat other things never before possible.
-Kitchen of emotions: Creating moods, interrelating the psychic and sensitive description of the elements that make up the dish. A logic.kitchen.

From here It follows the following unprecedented list:

-The flavor Earth gives us melancholy.
-The flavor of milk, tenderly.
-The taste of pink, femininity.
-The lemon, joy.
-The mint, euphoria.
-The leather masculinity.
The pepper, aggressiveness.

These are the new icons of a cuisine that goes far beyond the stove. A food you want to convey, lead, and discover...
... a multisensory experience, beyond what we conceived to be edible