Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Soy Roxy Love / I am Roxy Love

 "Obama" by Roxy Love
Sometimes , It Is good when us, as reviewers,  just shut the fuck up, and stop  trying to analyze someone´s work of art, or art manifestation. 
So, I just had a short conversation with one of Mexico´s best contemporary illustrator,
Roxy Love.
I don´t know why we don´t see all these un-perfect / perfect projects more published, we have to wait a lot ! And even when they are published, they don´t receive enough attention, and the credit for their work... But that´s why we are here. Everytime I meet this ART GIANTS , I feel more comfortable with my creatives generation. I admire your work, Roxy and the rest of the crew´s work of Taquitojocoque. My conversation? Here.

Hello ! I´m Roxy Love //
I was borned 24 years ago , in Nuevo Laredo,Tamaulipas./ Mexico.
I live in Mexico City. //More than, a style, or technique, THIS IS MY WAY OF LIFE, MY JOB and EVERYTHING.  

My art collective name is taquitojocoque , my partner is Julio Vzm ( used to do collage, in 09 retires from that, because he wanted to stop trying the so called "freelance", and do something more structured). So we started Taquitojocoque: Julio Vzm, Agusto ( my "son", a 3 year old , basset hound ( " he poops, vomits and that, may I say it ? , is Art  these days" )   , and me. 
My Influences : my childhood, the animals, plants, countries, the cultural "behaviors",the way people dresses, music, and those small things in the world that make us feel special. my texmex culture, my family,cinema, everything I see, and perceived.
mmmmm , I don´t know what else to tell you..... do you wanna ask me something?



ROXY LOVE Current Exhibit : 

Colima 23 
12Feb - 8March