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Index is an independent art space owned and run by Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation. It is a site for art production and distribution, a place where artistic and audience related experiments are carried out. Their focus is directed towards contemporary art and curatorial practice with the aim of providing a ground for creativity in a wider sense of the word. Index do not represent single artists, but the gallery has throughout the years had an indisputable importance in promoting the art of young Swedish and international, renowned established artists in a sympathetic, non-hierarchical relationship.

The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation presents

Between the Images. Imaginable Experiences for Future Memories
Felix Vogel

How can the photographic image be a place for dialogue and conflict between the positions of the artists and dominating political, historical and aesthetical structures? In what way can we discuss the image in terms of agency – as an act or intervention? How can the image act and function in a time when many visual strategies have been disarmed or canonized? With these questions as a starting point, the project Between the Images presented works in which artists explicitly use or relate to the photographic image to highlight or renegotiate political, social or aesthetic conventions.

The project Between the Images, of which this book is partly documentation and partly continuation, was presented in Stockholm 2008 within the frame of Xposeptember, a biannual art event focusing on photographic image. Some of the discussions which arose from the works in the exhibitions, and in the related programme, are in this publication allowed to expand and develop in the form of new essays and contributions by the project's participants.Black Audio Film Collective: Twilight City, 1989

Chantal Akerman: Down There (Là-bas). 2006

A major influence for the project has been the legacy of an essayistic approach in moving images. The subjective perspective and the associative narrative often used by filmmakers in this tradition could be seen as a way of negotiating the dominant structures from an aesthetical as well as a political viewpoint. Using the essay as a point of departure the project also wanted to put forward some related methods used in order to discuss political and social structures.

Felix Vogel is a researcher and curator based in Berlin and Konstanz. Most recently, he was appointed curator of the 4. Bucharest Biennale in 2010.

The Between the Images publication has been made possible with support from the abovementioned institutions and in co-production with the Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm and Iaspis.

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