Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stock de Talento Mexicano: Rene Almanza

Rene Almanza was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in 1979. Graduated from the UANL Visual Arts Faculty, he started his job in visual arts during his adolescence, first as comic drawer, underground fanzines and Local Newspapers in Monterrey. Lately, he worked in press project, posters mainly. In the year 2000 became part of Reforma Group ( Newspapers: El Norte ( MTY), Reforma, Mexico City, Mural Guadalajara and Palabra, Saltillo) in the illustration department in the Editorial Area, illustrating diverse periodic articles. He was in charge of the Cultural Sections Illustrations in El Norte Newspaper for 2 years , during this time, his job obtained six awards in Editorial Illustration by the SND, Society for the Newspaper Design, New York, which is given each year internationally to the best work in the areas of design, photography and editorial illustration. After three years with Reforma group , he joined the Editorial Project “Shinseken” in Tokyo, Japan, that collected stories about traditions of all the world, and then compiled in a collection of illustrated books published in 5 different languages. At the end of the project, he went back to Mexico.

He is founder member of Arte Cocodrilo Gallery, and the Graphics Workshop Pata de Perro, independent spaces dedicated to promote emerged visual art. He actually works, with Colegio de México linguistics, in other project with the Editorial Sirpus ( Barcelona, Spain): a series illustrated bilingual books of stories from the Oaxaca- Zapoteca´s towns. Rene Almanza´s art work is part of many private collections in México, EU, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Francia, España, Suiza, Alemania, Italia, Holanda, Marruecos, Australia, Japón, Bangladesh, China and Vietnam.

He´s Top Member of The Mexican Talent Stock: The Pigmy Deer Network.
He represents mexican talent among all plastic artists : a unique vision in the territory called Arts, with every line presented on canvas or paper.