Friday, October 30, 2009

FIC | Festival Internacional Cervantino at Guanajuato,México presents MODESELEKTOR/Berlin

Happy metal, hard rap, country-ambient, Russian crunk. This are the sounds that, today, Guanuajuato´s ancient alleys are going experience.
Modeselektor, the band formed in Berlin, featuring Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, said to be incredibly amazed by the response of mexican fans, that not only love electronic music, most of the audience know every tune since they started they carrier, and MODERAT ´s , with whom Modeselektor has also been involved in collaborative efforts.

Moderat is a project between Modeselektor and
Apparat, Pfadselektor - a music/visual collaboration between Modeselektor and Pfadfinderei.


For Sure Some of Moderat tunes are going to be heard tonight.Producers of the FIC, which happends to be one of the most important cultural event worldwide, said: " An amazing spectacle production is expected, as well as extreme security , and of course lots of fans, dancing and sharing a unique moment not only for the Festival Internacional Cervantino, also for the perfomers.

México is known for a unique way to connect with electronic music. Its sounds, and rythmn are close to our cultural background.

For every country, Mexico´s unique creativity and capacity to understand the new-comes in cultural and social manifestation matters, make us The IT Scenery to be on.

Today.....ROCK IT, Guanajuato !!!