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HDA: Haus der Architektur

The Haus der Architektur (House of Architecture, HoA) Graz is a non-profit association promoting and conveying architecture to the public and providing a plattform for architects, students and in general for people who are interested in architecture. The association acts as an interface between people producing architecture and people consuming.

The HoA was founded in 1988 and has been a forerunner for similar institutions in Austria and Europe. The honorary and unsalaried working managing board changes every two years and devises a programme for these two years.

The focus of the current programme is "everyday life in an architectural context" and consists of exhibitions, round-tables, lectures etc. to the sub-topics of working, living, protecting, consuming, believing and building.

The managing board is elected every two years in the general assembly and consists of 5 people who are either lecturing at the technical university and the technical college of Graz, or working in architectural practices.

Haus der Architektur Graz


Of people and Houses

Architecture from Styria.

Architecture Graz Styria Yearbook 2008/2009

The yearbook of House of Architecture Graz (Haus der Architektur Graz) published for the fourth time this year, presents a radical approach also in international comparative terms. As the only one of its kind in all of Austria regularly documenting both the best new buildings in the province and the winning project of the Architecture Award of the Province of Styria, the yearbook consciously overcomes the conventions of the usual periodicals in order to reach a broader audience stretching even beyond architectural specialists.

As this year's curator of the Architecture Award of the Province of Styria and publisher of the yearbook, Andreas Ruby, the renowned Berlin-based architectural critic, has selected for inclusion in the yearbook twelve new constructions from over eighty submissions for the Architecture Award. It was possible to acquire the services of the Mexican photographic artist Livia Corona for photographic documentation of the projects published in the yearbook. In contrast with classical architectural photography, which focuses on the building, Corona places the relationship between people and spaces under the spotlight.

The yearbook has been presented on October 12th in the context of the presentation of the Architecture Award of the Province of Styria. In addition, the photographic works by Livia Corona can be seen as part of the "Of people and houses – Livia Corona photographs architecture from Styria" exhibition. The exhibition starts on October 12th and will be shown in the House of Architecture until the 1st of November.

Marking the new publication "Of people and houses. Architecture from Styria. Architecture Graz Styria Yearbook 2008/2009" on November 13th Markus Bogensberger and Heinz Rosmann (House of Architecture Graz) will be talking about publication strategies for contemporary architecture with Ilka and Andreas Ruby (editors) and the co-editor of the Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook, Roemer van Toorn, at the Berlin book dealers "Pro qm".

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