Monday, January 4, 2010

BECA & Curate This !

BECA is an acronym for Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art.  The BECA Foundation is a non-profit global arts organization dedicated to creating public exhibition and other related opportunities for emerging artists + designers for the benefit of artists, designers and the public.  

CURATE THIS! 2010 has gone global...on the ground AND in cyberland!

The BECA Foundation is pleased to present CURATE THIS! 2010, the second chapter in the evolution of the CURATE THIS! exhibition series.  The now global exhibition is one of the most exciting events and opportunities slated during 2010 for both emerging artists + designers and exhibiting venues as well as for the participating public - those on the ground and online around the world.  

An arts and cultural event of this scale, spanning the globe and featuring simultaneous exhibitions of some of the world's most innovative works by emerging artists + designers has never been done before so let's make some history and participate !

Through the exhibition of works of art + design by emerging artists, designers, duos, groups and collectives around the world, The BECA Foundation aims to facilitate an experimental, cross-pollination of new ideas for creative innovation in diverse locations around the world.  

" The title, 'CURATE THIS!' reflects a departure from the familiar large scale exhibition model, typically curated by a singular vision with one head curator, to an exhibition with components and related events 'curated' by the public and professional and independent participants residing in multiple cities around the world. "
For further information, please visit,, and  Contributions and in-kind donations are made possible through Fractured Atlas, our project's 501-c-3 fiscal sponsor.  Tax-exempt donations to The BECA Foundation may be made online at: