Monday, January 11, 2010

Fighting Fishes on the Mall


 Beauty is in the details. It might be ironic that in a mall, a place full of attractions and information, designed to be a non-place, the heart of our today’s society behavior, that we find Onem’s Pla-Kad exhibition inaugurated this past January 7th.

Like little windows that point us to a different strange world, in the middle of Paseo San Pedro mall Onem take us back to focus on life, presenting the majestic betta fishes with a stunning detail, giving the mall visitors and spectators an opportunity to observe the beauty present in the living things that surround us; The details of the fish body, its color and texture are sure envied by the finest brands.

The relationship that this exposition establishes between this fishes and us is not only visual but also behavioral, the also known as Siamese fight fishes appear to us perhaps as our own mirror, deeply aggressive, elegantly dressed and extremely protective of their territory, take us also to think about our own behaviors. Onem’s Pla-kad not only presents to us as an art exhibition, it also gives the opportunity to support CREE (Crecimiento y Recuperación Emocional y Espiritual) since one percentage of the sales will be donated to this institution. So, before you go out today, remember, beauty, as Onem remind us, is present on the details. / Miguel Melgarejo

Special Thanks to :
Gaby Salinas from Mitosis101  
for the Pla-kad ArtShow Open Photos