Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Browsing

Photography by Dido Fontana from
Today browsing thrpught the net, I started reading about this young Italian photographer named Dido Fontana who shoots in 35mm and Polaroids. His work is showcased on his eponymous website His mission statement on the website (which also has a shopping page for his new book) declares :
"Raw, sexy, provocative, explosive, anti-fashion!

I guess Fontana and me have a lot in common. (LOL) In his mind there is a storge of an extraordinary heterogenic plethora of images you now can find in his photos which represent not only a figure and where there’s no message but a world. His soul is baroque and his eye is damned and voyeuristic but his style is raw and sexual, fashion and anti-fashion at the same time.

All those skinny jeans and fringed hair cuts, all that emo, all that nudity all that sweat and grease and life has been captured, if not in the pages of glossy magazines. Or even better I find great beauty in this idea that everyman has the right to upload his vision of life so that whosoever stumbles across it can make of it what they will.

He´s a mastermind.