Wednesday, June 3, 2009



is an art project developed with the will of providing mechanisms for the articulation of creative projects in the field of public space and related to the territory. The goal is to stimulate creative practices which experiment with new ways of social engagement and participation, connected to already existing practices and dynamics in the territory. The critical intervention, the processes of social interaction and the hybrids among different disciplines are the goals developed since the beginning of this programme...........................................................................................

At the present moment these constitute elements that have been investigated in a great number of artistic proposals aiming to establish a relationship with specific territories, articulate a network with people and collectives, and also actively participate in the transformation of some elements of social reality. [ From this perspective, IDENSITAT intends to generate a frame for work, diffusion and debate that it is structured firstly by an open call for new projects and then by those projects which have already been executed; as well as an amalgam of educational activities and actions that contribute as a whole to strengthen the idea of vindication of social space through creative practice. ]


Since 1999 there are some projects and activities going on in the town of Calaf, and little by little a relationship has been set up with other towns with the aim of allowing the development of projects that can be adapted to their variables and to many others promoted by the specificity of the place itself. IDENSITAT 07 develops in the towns of Calaf and Manresa, like in the previous edition. Both being towns of the Barcelona province, they have triggered this programme, having a close cooperation with the ‘Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya' and the ‘Diputació de Barcelona' . In this new edition the territorial scope is expanded thanks to the development of a project in the city of Mataró through the involvement of ‘Can Xalant, Centre de Creació i Pensament Contemporani.'

In the fourth edition of the programme, IDENSITAT 07 proposes the theme HOME / AWAY, having the intention of triggering all its activities in three specific contexts, which have characteristically had in common their processes of urban transformation and expansion. Under the motto HOME / AWAY, different fields linked to the development of projects are taken into account, either highlighting strategies based on the work processes, or activating proposals that present structures of specific intervention in public space. Under the light of this wide perspective the production of different projects is proposed, which will be distributed in the three towns or their territorial context: Calaf, Manresa and Mataró.

This specific chapter is defined in the public call as PROJECT PRODUCTION.

In the current edition a space for showing presentations that document projects already done in other times and contexts has been included.

In the section DOCUMENTARY PROJECTS the aim is to call for those theoretical works and specific experiences that have been developed in other places.

This includes proposals developed under the light of different setups, either focusing on the processes, or in a more ephemeral way, using the available facilities or the media; or also through strategies that combine the specific action with activities of a longer duration. In this section it is possible to participate with a theoretical development.

{ With the aim of establishing a relationship with the specific context where action takes place, the selected projects will be made public according to different formulae of presentation, either in the participation of debates or in conferences, according to the characteristics of the proposal.