Friday, February 5, 2010


“The title of the exhibition, Making Worlds 
 expressed my wish to emphasize the process
of creation. A work of art represents a vision 
of the world and if taken seriously it can be 
seen as a way of making a world." 
 Daniel Birnbaum /Director of 53rd Ed.La Biennale di Venezia (2009)
 The importance, of art these days is extreme. There was a time  where art was encapsulated, an isolated alien in boxes, and only if you where enough studied, or intelligent to understand "nonsense" ( the way most people called art) , you could take part of the whole Art World. Now, Art has taken the place where education should/could be. Art is the dialogue between the urban scene and its living- territorials.

It ´s suitable these days to understand Art as the interceptor of social mass ideas( ideals),critiques, political discourses, state of mind. We live in a complex world, because each one of our art manifestations are "structuring a world" of its own. ( Daniel Birnbaum, accurately decided to name last 53. Ed. Venezia´s Art Biennale:Fare Mondi // Making Worlds). Let´s be honest, nowadays is the moment when art is fully understood, and felt as an every-day-life-issue. As urban-being as I am, Nomad ( and happy for that) I have found the public space, and the interaction on it, the best place where you can express individuality. The intense media growth has set us on an art chapter where we are sharing ( blending?) perspectives on identity, design, economics,language,architecture, and being human. That art chapter is: Public Art. 
BRIGHT LIGHT / Canadian Public Art 
A ground-breaking six-week series of public art exhibits, installations, performances and special events commissioned by the City of Vancouver to mark the occasion of the 2010 Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games. The result of an extraordinary collaboration between 14 arts organizations active in the neighbourhood, Bright Light takes public art to new places. Projects range from site-specific artworks, light-based installations, video projections and live web links to outdoor performances, publications, a parade, a festival, interactive community events and lively gathering spaces.  
Rural Urban Fantasy Project. Three firms were involved in the concept + installation of this particular project: ASIR Studio, Rural Urban Fantasy Project + Organelle Design.

Osvaldo Yero: Passage Access Gallery, February 12 – March 21 Yero creates a powerfully evocative large-scale light-sculpture on gallery windows. Norma: Brawl Andy Livingstone Field, February 24 Sport and spectacle collide in a choreographed outdoor theatrical event by artist collective Norma. (Artspeak). ASIR Studio: GO! Gallery: A Temporary Gallery for Permanent Change Yue Shan Courtyard, February 12–28 One of Chinatown's oldest courtyards transforms into a lively gathering and multi-event venue under an illuminated canopy of umbrellas. Lorna Brown, Jamie Hilder, Ken Lum and Kathy Slade: Coming Soon Audain Gallery, From January 15 On gallery windows and online at artists address the realities of ...(cont.)


Thought-provoking, innovative, accessible, Bright Light illuminates the historical heart of the city: its streets, courtyards, parks, windows, studios and galleries - shining a spotlight on the vibrant arts community that calls the neighbourhood home. 
So, Viewing public art as a political process, Bright Light will foster comment, discussion and social exchange between the neighbourhood, the city and international visitors, examining issues and exploring new models of public art that encourages public engagement and participation. So a PARTICIPATING network is born , and for those immerse in contemporary art matters,you know this is a solid, interesting art work./ Eva Guerra
Ken Lum "Schnitzel Company"