Monday, February 22, 2010

may the beasts keep roaring and a look into central market

If there´s an album i just cant stop listening to and i cant stop recommending these days its Wild Beasts “Two dancers” (Domino 2009)...from the opening chords of “The fun powder plot” you just know that this is going to be a great record to hear, what´s the big deal about it that makes it one of the best 2009 albums? i would say that the way of handling falsetto by their two singers its so near to perfection that makes it work out so well with the never-ending delays and guitar harmonies

it´s not easy to use falsetto there´s a really thin line between making a good job or just screw the whole song up and frontman Hayden Thorpe knows exactly what he is doing in this art-pop record full of ethereal compositions with strong lyrics and dance floor beats

a look into central market

another recomendation i would like to make its for the majestic debut of Battles frontman Tyondai Braxton with his ambicious solo project, in his first album Central Market he basically took an orchestra put them inside a room and gave them his vision of music translated into partitures.

a wild trip inside braxton´s world through imaginary landscapes, an enormous variety of instrumentation from all kinds of brass, kazoos to strings weird voices with a final outcome that makes you remember of a crazy cartoonish psychodelic soundtrack.

“Platinum rows” its the central theme for this record and i would describe it as nothing less than a masterpiece of our days, full of unusual musical harmonies with Braxton compositional style all over the song this is one of those albums that nobody should miss the opportunity to hear, in the next interview Braxton explains how he recorded the album working in a multilayer style, recording each part of the orchestra brass, woodwinds, strings, etc separatedly so he could then put them all together as a big musical puzzle.

This album had been cooking in Braxton studio in New York for years and as Pitchfork media described it "Central Market proves bigger in the sense that it's clearly been delivered as a statement record-- a summation of lots of ideas accrued over the years and lots of restless thinking about how best to engage those ideas in ways far from expected".

Hope you enjoy listening to both of these records more recommendations coming soon....