Friday, February 19, 2010

F.A.Q ?? HERE some Answers !


How does The Pigmy Deer Network promotes Mexican creativity ?

Since 2008, The Pigmy Deer Network , a project conceived by Las Bellas Artes Org. , has supported Mexican artists and the promotion of their work BOTH: home and abroad. The Pigmy Deer Network aims are to seize the best original,  creative national projects in order to represent Mexico´s Contemporary Creativity worldwide. We go from assessing and selecting projects to publish, guide or connect to other artists. This creates an active network, where  its participants are informed and aware of the artistic/creative situation in matter. 

That´s why The Pigmy Deer Network was created by Las Bellas Artes Org. . Not only to be recognized as The First Mexican Talent Stock ever structured, but to be a project where the multidisciplinary collaboration structures results worth seeing worldwide.

On the other side, Las Bellas Artes.Org is an art-based business platform hired by artists and institutions. We structure the conception, organization and production of exhibitions. We are based in Mexico, New York & Barcelona. 


Art+Culture+Critique Magazine is an almost-daily compilation of national and international news about contemporary culture and all its manifestations, including art. We feature the best national artists, projects, and websites along with the best creative manifestations. 

Our collaborators are artists, architects, curators, designers, editors, etc.
Until now , 5 different counties are involved in this online editorial project.

We are always looking for the best collaborators so if you are interested on being part of us, drop a line: