Saturday, February 13, 2010

TPD/LBA : THE BOOKMARK PROJECT:100 SITES / A YEAR / No. 1 : The Brown Fox Studio

At the risk of having you never come back to this site, I have the aim to constantly publish the best (mexican) sites I find day by day, to feed your creative appetite
Most of the sites I´ll include day by day ( if possible)  do not get the credit they deserve, and even if it´s a popular one, They  deserve even more attention. 
The compile will be called 
The project , obviously, will be an archive in no particular order. This will be the beginning of a New Era,  
The Mexican Talent Stock / Websites Chapter. Curated by The Pigmy Deer Network (based in Mexico & Spain) and 
Las Bellas Artes.Org an international art-based business platform based in New York.

So if you think you : own / know / like / a site, please send the link to with subject: THE BOOKMARK PROJECT:100 SITES / A YEAR .

The Catalogue will be published online (as a website), in December 2010, and presented for the first time in Barcelona,Spain and Paris,France.(For further Details, stay  tunned !! ) 

At the end, maybe dozens more could have been added to this "yearbook"  (so, perhaps there will be a sequel to it).

>> INSPIRATION: "The brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" 
I am extremely flattered to be named one of THE BROWN FOX STUDIO "friend sites", especially along side : QUIERO POSH ( and all time favorite ), TOC TOC ( our featured project)  AND  MITOSIS ( MY ENTIRE ADMIRATION FOR THIS PROJECT).
They were/are huge huge huge inspirations for starting/continuing this magazine, and they are a daily support, and advisors.They represent The Example of what Mexican creativity lead you to. At least the type of work we are looking to promote and expose worldwide.

So, yes.We´ll have a tought, tough time, along with Las Bellas Artes to pick our top 100 sites this year. It´ll be fun ! At least we already have our No.1.

 Believe / Create 
The Pigmy Deer !